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Is this weird or what?

June 15th, 2008 at 07:17 am

A couple of weeks back as I was walking towards my train station with my boss, a thought came in to my head about a person who I had not seen for few months. About thirty seconds later the person walks right pass me towards opposite direction. I did not say a thing, just walked away thinking that is scary. Coincidence, may be.

Early morning today, I went to get my coffee. I knew it will cost me around $1.55 for a large coffee. Out of my coin jar I picked (so I thought) up two quarters, two dimes and a nickel. Few extra coins just in case. As I was walking, I saw a dime on the ground but I didn't pick it up. Once I passed that dime, I thought may be I should have picked it up, what if I don't have enough coins.

The lady at the counter said, $1.55. I took a dollar bill out and the coins and what I see is that I have only fifty cents, one quarter, two dimes and one nickel. This is weird isn't it? I am not saying I have this 'whatever' you want to call it but it is somewhat scary to me. A thought preceding an action.

Lately, I have been having weired dreams as well. I am hoping that none of it will not come true.

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